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40 Years


About us

How many of us have wondered if it was possible to have a complete, extremely durable, top quality steel building installed in just a few days?

For almost 40 years, our product has provided the most versatile, cost effective and amazing quality steel buildings that have helped our clients worldwide meet their building solution needs.

Building Solutions

Whether for general storage, roofing, construction, mining, military, or any other application, our buildings offer easy to install, easy to relocate solutions that facilitate the mainstream business flow and eliminate storage hassles.

As a Canadian product, we meet the highest industry quality standards, and offer the best warranty available. We treat each client’s need on an individual basis. Simply provide us with the size needed, the location and for which application the building is required, and our engineers will design your structure efficiently, and to perfection, making the installation of the final product extremely easy.

We are truly grateful that you are choosing CanSteel Building Solutions. Rest assured that your trust in us will be greatly rewarded. The long list of our satisfied clientele listed on the inside back cover of this brochure will give you a piece of mind that you are purchasing Canada’s finest buildings.

40-Year Rust
Perforation Warranty

Our buildings are manufactured with Galvalume Plus™ steel. This unique process of hot dipping the steel in aluminum-zinc alloy, followed by a clear organic resin coating, makes the steel extremely strong, with a beautifully attractive finish which is highly resistant to corrosion.

Worldwide Delivery

Compact packing of our building components makes their transportation very easy and efficient. Depending on the size, materials can be ocean shipped in a standard 20ft or 40ft container, as well as truck-trailer for inland freight to reach our customers’ destinations in any country worldwide.

Product Quality

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