Can Steel Building Solutions

40 Years


About us

How many of us have wondered if it was possible to have a complete, extremely durable, top quality steel building installed in just a few days?

For almost 40 years, our product has provided the most versatile, cost effective and amazing quality steel buildings that have helped our clients worldwide meet their building solution needs.

Whether for general storage, roofing, construction, mining, military, or any other application, our buildings offer easy to install, easy to relocate solutions that facilitate the mainstream business flow and eliminate storage hassles.

Can Steel Models

The A Model

The A Model is extremely versatile due to its straight walls and peaked roof.

The X Model

The X Model is similar in shape to the A Model, and is available in additional.

The S Model

The S Model has straight walls with an arched roof.

The Q Model

The Q Model is the original arched building design, and the strongest by size.

40-Year Rust
Perforation Warranty

Our buildings are manufactured with Galvalume Plus™ steel. This unique process of hot dipping the steel in aluminum-zinc alloy, followed by a clear organic resin coating, makes the steel extremely strong, with a beautifully attractive finish which is highly resistant to corrosion.


The assembly of our buildings is easy and convenient—you do not need too many people or equipment to have them up in a very short period of time. You can use scaffolds, small lifts to make the assembly even easier and faster.

Optional Accessories

We offer a range of accessories to assist our customers with the design and assembly of our building solutions, including:

Base plates

These plates are highly recommended to make the attachment of the building to the foundation extremely easy. Just bolt them to the foundation and start building up.

Sliding Doors

Heavy duty double doors, meant to give larger access to the building. Canadian made for top quality.

Skylight Panels

These fibreglass panels are pre-formed and provide refreshing natural light inside the building.

Turbine Roof Vent

Designed to provide continuous exchange of fresh air in the building

Worldwide Delivery

Compact packing of our building components makes their transportation very easy and efficient. Depending on the size, materials can be ocean shipped in a standard 20ft or 40ft container, as well as truck-trailer for inland freight to reach our customers’ destinations in any country worldwide.


Our continuously growing list of satisfied customers include:

Governments and government agencies at various levels and on several continents. Several branches of the military in various countries, including Air Force, Armed Forces and the Navy.